Friday, September 17, 2010

This is THE WATER - Pekan trip highlights

So sorry to all the other Sometime Can members, this water is apparently THE WATER!!!

The results were pretty good for 2 days of fishing at Karang Luas. 15 seven star grouper (and yes, Ming was the champion as usual in this dept). There were talangs, a cobia and lots of squids.

 Ikan Masin and his grandson posing with our catch

Most importantly, some Sometimes Can Anglers Hall of Fame records were broken:

1.Ming broke record with 2.5kg Seven Star Grouper.
2. Ebekgila broke record with 9.5kg albeit toothless Tenggiri (a strange phenomenon)

Speaking of records, finally, I caught a Seven Star Grouper as well at the famous Batu Ah Ming.  Yay!! happy day :)

2 Sailfishes were caught using the drift method, and Ming caught 1 on jig. All caught and safely released back, phew!! (although there was a moment of doubt for one of the fish).

 Ming landed the first sailfish caught using drift

 Ebekgila looking tired after fighting with the equally as tired sailfish (hehehe)

Ming and the sailfish that was caught on jig with his Branzino

and CK with his "Bruce" fish... hehehe... this one's dedicated to you Bruce!!!

Stay tuned for the videos and detailed report...

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Fishing Trip again at last

The Lucornia trip seems like aeons ago... (I mean it has been 2 months!!! since I have touched my fishing rod!!!). We were planning for a trip to Pekan this Raya (where else right?) and hopefully we can make it this time.

I am so excited coz I get to pack the fishing gear this time :) The only downside is, I don't have a camera with me to take pictures.